Tuesday, 7 October 2008


hello there and welcome to my little space! i hope you are all doing great:)

it feels as if i haven't updated for some time now, but i have finally finished another christmas present...things has been going rather slow lately. For this scarf i have once again used KingCole Mirage.
the pattern is a triangle scarf, but i can't actually find a link to it. and by the way...If you wonder about those stumps of wool on the ends of the scarf...i can't find any scissors..but i have fastened them and they are ready to be cut off.

i really need to tell you about my jumper..the marius one..i did encounter some problems...the sewing machine i was supposed to borrow from my mother in law..well, it didn't quite work, and none of the sewing ladies down town wanted to sew anything that has wool in it..so i have had to sew by hand...yikes!!! so one sleeve is finished and actually sewn on, but the other is only halfway..so if i really get a move on...i COULD finish the sewing tonight..but i'm not sure...i really hate sewing.

now, i don't mean sewing with wool, this is a tiny blue sewing thread..blah!!!!i have sewn both shoulders together though,,so not much left. i will have it done by next weekend! YES i will.

and i better, because the scottish weather is getting colder, i have found all my hats, scarves and mittens from last winter. today it's pouring down out there, and because i don't have any wellies, i know i'll get soaked, but my neck will be warm atleast, it's rather foggy out there too.

i better go and plan the next present i am going to make.
see you later, and come back soon


  1. Kjempefint, duse fine fargar. :) Heldig er den som får det. Ha ein fin dag.

  2. Deilig skjerf i fine farger. Jeg liker heller ikke monteringsarbeid, men det må jo til.

  3. Herlig skjerf!!Ønsker deg en fin uke:)

  4. Så fint skjerf!
    Hilsen en annen sørlending! :0)


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