Saturday, 10 March 2012

A few days ago

A few days ago, actually it was Wednesday..I hwas in contact with my brother through sms messages, and he was in Aberdeen for work, so husband and I decided that we'd drive to Aberdeen to meet up with him.

SO..Husband took a half day off work, we picked Catriona up from school at 3, and away we went. i was a little worried as it said SNOW FORECAST, and I got a bit more worried when we drove through a hailstorm, but when it had passed the sun shone all the way to Aberdeen (takes us 3 hours to drive up there)

View from the car, sorry about dirty windows...!

 Trying to get a picture of the lovely moon, but no good!

Not so easy trying to catch the moon while driving rather fast...! 

In the car with Uncle T. on our way to a restaurant...ended up having tapas and that was nice..and we were rather hungry..yum yum..!

 In uncle T's hotel room(that has ghosts in it apparently) chatting to auntie N. via Skype
Another picture on our way TO Aberdeen

As far as I know he didn't finish his work and he might be back in a few weeks time!!

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