Friday, 25 May 2012


Hey people!!!
Are you also enjoying the sunshine that finally came?
I have been busy..doing nothing. haha! No , just kidding. We have played alot of badminton, and I have been busy with Weight Watchers.

I have decided to give it a good go again, I have really lazy with the tracking the last few weeks, and of course I have not lost any weight whatsoever..Ok so I lost half a pound a few weeks ago..but that is really nothing.
I want to lost a bit more over the next month, so I am ready with my tracking.

I started  a new trackweek this morning, and as the sun is shining, I really need to drink lots of water and that is so good for not feeling  hungry. Now it's half an hour past noon, and I will have to go out in 30 minutes..and I guess it is time to get some lunch by now. I will be filoing up with among others: Fruit.

Will also try to do some excersising tongiht! I badly need it! Always feel great afterwards.

Hope you are all doing well, and will be back more often with news:)

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