Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sunny Saturday

And all of a sudden the summer has been here for the last is so hot and lovely! And we will have another sunny day tomorrow. GREAT!

I haven't done any excersising the last few days, it has been so hot and I have had a little bit of a sore head because of it. But I am feeling alot better today, so I havenow planned to skip ...about 900 jumps all together. I hope it won't be too hard. The goal is to do 1000 jumps in one go, without any breaks.

I have atleast been tracking my food properly, even put in the sweeties I had. Shouldn't really do sweeties, but the hot just makes me WANT it..and then it's hard not to. Next celebration comes on june 24th, my cousin's wedding in Norway and then my own birthday on the 26th of june.

I am hoping for a fruity celebration ;) And if I am very lucky we'll celebrate our own 6th wedding anniversary on the 20 june with some fruit and maybe a little sponge..maybe..! We'll see.

But it's a while until that date. My goal is to be under 79 kilos by next Thursday and get my third silver 7 on my WW card before we go on holiday. Better get those skipping ropes moving!!!

Edit: I skipped 400, got sore feet...must try some other shoes next time!!

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