Saturday, 24 November 2012

November again

So, not long until Christmas is here again, I have started thinking about it a little and bought the first present yesterday.

Actually, I had some stuff I really had to do yesterday. It all started on Wednesday when the Princess came out from school with large holes in her tights and a HUGE deep scratch in her glasses..yikes!!!

Well, I had to get them fixed, so I took the bus to EK and at Vision Express they bent them back in the correct manner but they couldn't do much for the scratch. So, new lenses and a new frame is on order and I will get a phonecall sometime next week, hopefully telling me I can pick them up.

Princess in away on her first weekend without me...Ahhh, Don't know what to do with myself. She was on my mind when I went to bed, and she was the firwt thing I thought of when I got up.

I know she is having a great time, it's just a bit tough for mum seeing her little baby growing up (Seems it's worse for dad though).

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