Tuesday, 7 August 2012

P&L Challenge

I have joined a challenge, and that means I will be taking some pictures starting on Saturday

The challenge consists on taking a picture a day (per participant) according to the list topics:
1. Stamp
2. Decoration
3. Mailbox
5. Paper
6. How you store your letters
7. Clipping
8. Card
9. Pen
10. Stickers
11. Post Office
12. Stationery
13. Drawing
14. Travel
15. Colour
16. Envelope
17. Favourite colour
18. Bluebelle Postcards
19. Marker
20. Organizer
21. Collage
22. Glue
23. Gifts
24. Pencil
25. Writing place
26. How you store your materials
27. Tape / Washi tape
28. Box
29. Rubber stamp
30. Scissors
31. Camera

Each day you should post a pic according to the topic requested and you should title your pic as well as adding the corresponding number on the picture text: #1 Stamps, #2 Decorations... etc. The challenge begins next Saturday August, 11th and ends on Wednesday September, 12th.

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