Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Busy Tuesday

Hi again,
We have had a few really busy days here at home, the October week has started and yesterday we (Princess and I) were busy cleaning the master bedroom, and wow is it nice!

Yesterday the Princess' schoolbooks arrived, and we got really busy doing homework as we are several weeks late now. She attends Norskskolen.com , where she learns to  write and read Norwegian. You have to be Norwegian living abroud to attend this course.

Today we have been really busy again, this time clearing out Princess' room. It took ages, and we are actually not completely finished. But tomorrow we will tackle the playroom and the bathroom, as well as going to town.

I need some more wool for my current project, what I am looking for is Stylecraft DK, and I think the colour is Bottle green.

I don't have that much left to do on my cardigan and it feels really good to finish something again. Last year I joined a "saving money" project, but it really didn't turn out very good for me at all. Seriously dissapointed , I only knitted 22 balls of wool in one year.

I have of course started this same project over again, and I do hope to have more than 22 pounds to show next October. Good luck Linn...!!

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