Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Autumn nails

Pictures taken with my mobile just doesn't show up as very nice at all.-So sorry about that. The camera is lost and it didn't work that well anyway...butI am going to try to use another camera and try to upload some more pictures this week.*i might have a bit more time on my hands that usual.

I have been quite busy trying to tidy up the house...sofarI have had two whole days and still it looks nearly as messy as ever. I am trying to do it the FLYlady way.

It is taking time, but atleast the bathroom is clean and the dishes are done. New bedding on all beds as well..guess I should be happy that I managed to do these things.

I also finished my letter to Monika, Aaron and got started on my letter to Torunn!
We are busy as always ,and the days just fly by. Last month we were on DAY TRIP wo Southern Norway, to celebrate my Grandmothers 90'ieth birthday. God bless that wonderful woman!!

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