Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wiola -again

Around June I started knitting the Wiola cardigan, and I really loved the pattern. But then I wanted a smaller waist and I went on to change needle size...and I realised that I was making the cardigan too big. Booo
Also, the pink and brown was not really a great match, not enough difference.
Again- Booo

So , I started frogging..and I frogged and started all over again. With pink and beige this time and now the pattern is really visible. 
And wow, this pattern is so simple to knit, it sticks in the brain really fast. This will probably be finished before I have started the sleeves on Melissa. I am about to finish the first of three stars on that one. 

But for the fun of it, here's the picture of the two versions of Wiola

           New Wiola                                                   Old Wiola

And now I  am not sure which one I like the most...! BUT I am not restarting, so it will have to be the one of the left! 

I don't really have any other projects on the go yet, I really need to get started on my nephews wollies, but have to wait until next motnh when I hae some cash to buy wool. I already know which ones I'll be making for him. But if you hae any great wollen trousers for kiddies, please give me a hint of where to find the pattern!! 

Have a great day lovelies.

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