Thursday, 10 April 2008

march socks

heey everyone,
i have finally managed to put a picture of my socks here on my blog...first my phone needed a top up, and then i couldn't find the first sock i knitted...oh joy! well i found it this morning.where was it again...?oh yes, down the side of the sofa...happens alot.. :(

well, now i shall try to finish my clue 2 of sots -ii, but i will be back with a few more FO's later this week! and not to mention the ufo i have had for ages..i have probably mentioned it before, but you will all get to actually see it:)

no more knitting or blogging for today though, i just really wanted to get this on the blog for the sock a month 2008...i am rather late this month...sorry!

but i am ready to start the april socks on monday..yay, this will be first
cable socks:) wish me luck!


  1. Hehe, jeg vet akkurat hva slags garn du har brukt;-) for jeg har nemlig et par sokker i det selv:-D

    Fine ble de.

  2. These are lovely - fantastic colours :0)

  3. Flotte sokker du har strikket...
    Ha en fin helg :-)

  4. Nydelige sokker. Lekre farger. Ha ei fin uke.

  5. Kjempeflotte sokker, med hilsen fra asterix.


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