Friday, 12 December 2008


Hi there everyone, and good morning to you all. i hope you will all have a great Friday today.I have started the day with taking some pictures of a few things i have finished knitting..starting with this circle chrug. the colour is green, dark green, and i really like if it would just fit a bit better...not to worry, i am trying to lose weight, and by next winter it will fit much better.

then , can't not mention this's from Drops garnstudio
i have used needles size 20mm, they were huge, but it also means that it finished up quickly. i have used kiddyprint from laines du nord, and also jamiesons' ultra.

i especially love the crocheted edge, it really made the whole shawl!

i am not sure how well you can see these colours, but i love it. might actually make another one with only kiddy print,it will look like a completely different shawl due to the colours.
i know for a fact that this will be my fave this winter. i thought i wouldn't manage to wear it, as it's slightly itchy...but maybe i have grown up a bit because i just don't mind. i have always been really sensitive to anything itchy. soooo....good for me, i can use more different wool.
this is what i have done the last few days, next few projects will be to fix my princess' marius mum made it last year...but it's a bit tight around the i have to cast off over again..i'll cast off in rib, makes it much more elastic..maybe the princess will be able to fit her ears through. she needs it by tuesday, they will be singing christmas carols for the parents at the nursery and needs to dress wintery..what better than a Marius knitted by her norwegian granny??
well, there are lots of things to do on a friday morning, so i will love you and leave you! have a great weekend,
....and by the way,let me know you have been here !


  1. Den der sirkeljakka så kjempedeilig ut! Den passer nok skal du se. Ønsker deg en god helg =)

  2. Så fine ting du har strikket! Pinne # 20 høres ikke ut som noe som er særlig behagelig å strikke med, men fort går det nok!

    Gøy å se kalendergavene dine, snømannen var helt herlig!

    God helg!


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