Monday, 22 December 2008

my little pony

it's nearly little christmas eve as we call it in norwegian, the 4year old princess has the little mermaid on tv, and i thought i ought to update just a little bit before christmastime.
this my little pony jumper has been "ordered " by her, and i can't wait to have it all finished. i was hoping to have it done by christmas eve, but i doubt it now. it'll be all ready by the new year. i don't want to rush it, the wool is nice and soft, and i have alot of the so called swiss darning to do. i am certain that the end result will be great! now off to chart the pony:)
have a good christmas everyone!!


  1. Hei - titter innom for å ønske deg ei riktig God Jul. Kos deg masse :-)

  2. Riktig god jul i den nye stua! :)

  3. Så utrolig mye flott du har strikket. Kjempekoselig blogg du har. Ha en fortsatt fin jul


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