Monday, 8 December 2008

granny squares

every once in a while i get the crochet craze, and a long time ago i started making these little squares. i use a 4.0 mm hook, and just use any leftover wool that i have in the house. i had started sewing all the squares together...but then i decided i'd rather have them crocheted together..and the last week i have been busy trying to get my sewing undone. took forever to do it. but now i am ready to just make more squares.
this is stuff i do just inbetween all my knitting, so it seems it takes ages for me to finish. and another year or so until i am done i guess:) unless i decide to focus on finishing it. the thing is...i quite like to make some squares here and there..when i have a bit of wool left from some other project..! well, a neverending work i guess:D
have a great day everyone, and thank's for stopping by

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