Sunday, 8 November 2009

Jumper for school

I promised my daughter a jumper for school , and she wanted one with buttons on, so I decided to make one. I meant to have a ribbon through the eyelets  above the flower, but it was too difficult for a 5 year old to put the jumper on after gym/PE.

Here she is, ready for school

A closeup of the stem, leaves and flower

I love the look of it! And it will be used alot this winter.

It's not easy to get a nice picture of shiny buttons I realise that, but one can only try.

Wool: Stylecraft Life Double knit
Needles: 4mm
Mood: very Happy!!

I am once again busy knitting along, and I will try to be a regular blogger again! Have a good November. Thank you for visiting me,come again soon, and please let me know you were here!



  1. Så nydeleg ein genser! Akkurat slik ein skulegensar skal vera :-)

  2. For en morsom genser, til å spises opp


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