Monday, 1 September 2008


good morning, i hope you are having a great start of the week. I have finally managed to upload a picture of my loveknow shawl that i finished a week ago or so. it's really airy and feels good now that it's not that cold ..yet!

i have been really busy this weekend, i was on a course the whole saturday, and will be doing the same thing next saturday. it's taking time from my knitting:(
since my hubby is "babysitting" the whole saturday, it just doesn't feel right that i go away on the sunday for my knitting another few weeks until i am back ladies!

I must admit, i am busy knitting as desperately trying to get halfway on my x-mas pressie for my auntie..a baktus scarf but it just seems to go on forever. I feel the same with the second sleeve on my just goes on and on and on...but i really need to finish it soon. the weather in Scotland is changing, it is already getting colder, and i just remembered that i need to get on with woollies for my that'll be the next project on the needle..but not until i am done with the marius..! wish me luck.

have a good week everyone! hugs from me

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