Wednesday, 20 August 2008


hello, and good morning to you once again!
i must admit i never thought i'd be back this soon, but indeed i am:) and i am very happy about that.

so..i did go to my lys for some more wool, and i found this...Rowan silk wool dk , the colour is called porcelain. and i had already planned on making these, the emerald green handwarmers
and i found out that they are SO easy to make..and as this is a chrismas present for my sister-in-law to be-Nancy..i want a pair for myself. next time i'm at Glasgow knit and stitch, i will try to make a pair;) hopefully i'll get the time..unless i blether to much that is.

the wool is gorgeous by the way!

And i seem to remember somthing about a lace project...and that i was going to update you on that...weeeeeell: After making these green handwarmers, i did start. i have made a start on the Flower Basket Shawl. I have had the pattern for ages, and now i have started. seems fairly easy to do, so far:)
I have no idea when i will have it finished. but for the Marius i am making, i have nearly finished the first arm. when the second arm is finished i will finish the body bit. only the top to do on it anyway!

oh another thing...we've had summer holidays for nearly two months, and the kids are back at the nursery for two days..and today there's a strike...Great!!! we're at home today, and we're bored!

have a good week everyone!


  1. HobbyMegHer has left a new comment on your post "fingerless":

    så fine de ble! Herlig farge!
    Og det sjalet sikler jeg også litt etter å begynne på, gitt....

  2. Så fine og kjempe fin farge. Heldige Nancy!

  3. Fabulous Mitts! Love that yarn and that colour, you must keep them for yourself!! lol


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