Sunday, 17 August 2008


good evening everyone, the day is nearly over, only one more hour left of today, and in Norway it's actually midnight. i hope you all will have a great week, and that you really enjoy yourselves.

i have had this little neckwarmer project on the needles, and i finished it today and i figured i might as well put it in the blog now, because i won't have time tomorrow...i'm am SO going to my lys for some wool. now that i finished one project, i might as well start another one!!

it will be something lacy, just need to figure out what!!! i already know what wool to use..jamieson's of shetland and the colour is very pale lilac. i will let you know what i decide...

i'd better go now, it's really getting late for me, so bye bye for now, and i will be back soon:)


Hi, thank you for the visit, hope to see you soon!