Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Lise's blanket

hi everyone, and good afternoon to you all. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you are all well, as i am:)
Here you can see the newly finished baby blanket for little baby Lise, she's must be close to one month old by now. I adore the colours, and i hope the mum likes it too! in a few days it will be on it's way to Belgium where baby Lise lives with her mum, dad and two brothers:) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
now, about my other things on the go...when i finished the blanket i immidiately started knitting a neckwarmer for myself. i am usinn Viking Frøyagarn. i love it to bits, and i think i will use this neckwarmer alot!!! I bought it at Karmin a huge lovely shop in my hometown Kristiansand. next time i am there, i will definetly get some more of this viking garn!!
about my absolutely lovely holiday "at home" , we did so much, went to the Kristiansand Zoo
and amusementpark, went boating, went on Hamresanden beach, went for a swim in the pool, had bbq's, went to our holiday house(hytte) in Eiken and stayed over one night. ..the only bad thing was that my brother had to leave for China/Beijing to work. he left on monday and we had arrived only on saturday, he returned on friday morning, and we went back to scotland on saturday at noon. we got to see him a bit atleast. and the greatest news this sumer is that he is engaged to be married to the lovely Nancy:) I am hoping to hear a weddingdate soon guys!!!
Not to forget, i am actually knitting more than a neckwarmer, i have done just a bit more on my marius, and my goal is to have it finished by september, and ready to wear! can't wait..oh..and here comes the's pouring doon oot there! Lucky that we have already been down to mil's with the fishy-snack for Tango the cat..and we are home before it started.! hurrah!
Now my dear people, i am off to get a cuppa! hugs from me, and come back soon :)


  1. Nydelig teppe! Og så godt det er å se seg ferdig med slike større prosjekter:-D

  2. Hey Linn dear,
    Thank you once again for this lovely blanket :) We all love it a lot and Lise has to 'fight' to get to use the blanket as Daan and Giel seem to like it so much too that they want to lay underneath it as well :) Luckily mommy and daddy are around to make sure Lise is the one using it :D We all really, really appreciate and admire your wonderful crafting !!! Thanxxx !!!


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