Friday, 19 September 2008

tried to make a hat

yes my dear friends, i have tried to make a hat, and this is the result. the plan was to make it using this pattern...but then i remembered...this hat is for irenesol's project...hats for ladies with cancer..and i guess lots of holes in the hat isn't the right i ended up with this hat instead...which i love. it's made with king cole mirage dk..and i absolutely love the feeling of this wool. i have lots left of it..and will make another hat for Catriona and one for myself too;)

that's how much i love it, and the real tuva hat is an easy knit..i did this one in an evening, and i could make another couple just as fast.

oh ladies, i do have an update on my marius i need to put the pieces together..because i have finished!!! well, you know i will do the steeking, then i have to sew the sleeves in and also join the shoulders..and then i kan knit the neck bit. and THEN it's finished. i have asked my mother in law if i can use her sewing machine, and i hope i can do so next week.

that's why i am knitting these smaller projects. i have started knitting a scarf for my uncle..and it's not a double knitted's one of these triangular scarves...the ones that nan has all over her shop..people in know which one it is?

well, i just realise..its way past lunchtime, and if am going to get catriona to nursery on time..i better get a move on.
have a great weekend my friends! hope to see you soon!

september hugs from me


  1. Synes den ble fin jeg, nydelige farger:-D

  2. Så flott den luen var
    Ha en trivelig helg

  3. masse fint i bloggen din. Lua ble bare helt knall da. Likte den ja:) fine farger å

  4. Så nydelig den luen ble! Garnet var helt herlig, likte veldig godt fargene. Brukte du Turvids oppskrift bare uten hullene?

  5. Har du noe mønster på den lua. Den var knallfin!!!!!!!!

    Er i luemodus, men har ikke strikket noen ennå.. vel.. en som ble dukkelue, men det teller ikke :fnise:


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