Tuesday, 9 September 2008


hi and good afternoon everyone. i hope you are having a great day. today i have been really lucky, when Catriona was at nursery i went down town to buy odds and ends..and then i decided to have a look in a charity shop, and what did i find..wool..so i decided to get it..
i have never seen any wool in any charity shop before..and as my lys is closed on a tuesday..well..i got all of this for £5.60, about 56 norwegian kroner. i was ever so happy as i walked back to the nursery to pick up the princess.even the nursery teacher Mrs.Robinson thought it was a good deal. it's just pure luck...! hurrah...!!!
oh, update...i have finished both sleeves on the marius, will now finish the last bits on it:) and then put it together.
love and hugs


  1. Så kjekt å komme over et slikt kupp, det er alltid moro. Håper du får laget noe fint med garnet. Jeg likte veldig godt de fingerløse vantene dine, de så lekre ut. :)

  2. Herlig! Garnkupp, det er saker det:-D


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