Friday, 21 August 2015


I have been trying for years and be healthier and yiou know...loose the weight....but 2014 was a terrible year, and when we went home to Norway to attend my dear grandmothers funeal on January 14th..I weighed the most I have ever weighed...95 kilos!! 
Mildly said...not too happy. 

Soooo...I have managed to get down to 90.5..I seem to hover between 90.3- 90.8..I have been the same weight for the last few months now..I didnt even put on any weight while we had our summer holiday in N*orway.

Unheard of!!!!

But I was really happy about it. 
So..the next step needs to be to get under 90 kilos. 
I am trying some low carb stuff..and today (and yesterday) I tried what "they" call a "fat-coffee"

Basically mix coffee, butter and coconutmilk..whip it together. Most also add a raw egg..but i haven't tried it due to you know..salmonella...! I know there's not much risk these days..but still. 

That coffee is NOT for body seems to react badly to it..because both today and yesterday I keep needing to run to the toilet...! (sorry , too much info, i know) 

So instead..I thought I'd try a healthy lunch that does not involve that mixture mentioned above..and this is what I came up with

What's in it you ask?
1/3 cucumber, chopped in quarters
2 tomatoes, chopped in smaller segments
1/2 onion
2 tbs natural greek yoghurt
a bit of salt and pepper. 

Tastes pretty nice actually, and simple and quick to make. 
I amnot sure how long I'll feel full on this, but one can only do ones best. 

I use what I have in the's the end of the month andwe try to use up the food before we buy new stuff next month. 
You kow..trying to avoid throwing away food! 

I better eat this tomato salad thing..wet washing waiting to be hung up. 
Enjoy your day! 


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