Monday, 24 August 2015

Nature and such

What can I say, I love a little bit of outdoor activity me, so yesterday we ventured out for a little walk. The sun was shining, and we could hear the grasshoppers play their music,. Even I could hear them, I guess it means my hearing is still ok.

Butterflies and bumblebee...even fish in the water! 
A dog came to say hello while we sat down for a little rest All in all, it was a great day.

Then we came home, took my washing in..and that was that. 

I sat in the evening playing clas of clans on my phone 
(Not my clan picture) ticked a message on my phone. An old penpal, want to get back in touch!

How lovely, how wonderful..I do still write letters, so I am over the moon!!

Now this morning...I got a huge fright. 
I went to get my trousers, the ones I had pegged out yesterday to dry. 
I picked them up, and they buzzed,...what is that? Is it a phone?? 
BUZZ...a little phone??
BUZZ...Oh sh**, it's a bee or a wasp

I threw the trousers in the kitchen, closed the door , went to get the bug spray, and then poked them further in the kitchen..and again and again and again, moved them a half meter each time. Finally I was close to the door, I unlocked it, and got them outside..and not more then 5 seconds later a black and yellow furry bee fled the scene. 

I am not exactly in love with these things that buzz and can sting, so I guess you can say that I managed to keep cool. 

I survived another morning! 
And as I have just ran 1.7 miles ont he treadmill,i will even say that the day is going pretty well, so far! 
Have a good day lovelies! 


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