Thursday, 5 June 2008


hello everyone,
are you preparing for christmas yet?i know it#s far away still, but last year i was nearly knitting my hands off in December trying to finish the pressies. so this year i have decided on being a good girl and start early. i have finished a twirly scarf for my sister-in -law and i loved making it..but i must admit, it used a lot more wool then i ever imagined. I will definetly make more of them though.

i have been really busy this week, and not done any knitting at all..the danceschool is having a dance-show every 18 months, and now it's time for this years show. so every night this week i have been away dancing, and tonight (Same as thuesday) my 4 years old daughter is coming with me to dance. she is in 4 will be a late night though...she might be in bed at 11.00(23.00) and normally she's in bed at 7-7.30(19.00-19.30)..hope she'll cope...

wish us luck!!

i will be so happy when tonight is over, because then i can get on with my knitting again! hurray! can#t wait to finish the left front of my cross over cardigan:)

have a lovely day!!


  1. Brukte også atskillig mer garn enn forventet på potetskrueskjerfet. Du er vel i toppform etter all dansingen. Kos deg med strikkingen!

  2. Now that's just sick. Preparing for Christmas ??? In June ??? Actually you've made me start thinking about it - I could make some really cool handmade gifts if I started now !


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