Thursday, 12 June 2008

thursday morning

hello everyone, and good morrow to you. i hope you are all doing well and have time to sit and relax for a few moments.

i don't have anything to show you at all today but because i am so excited about this crossover cardigan i am knitting, just knowing that i might finish the right front tonight made me want to update you about that fact.

i still have the back and the sleeves to finish so i won't be ready until july sometime:) but hopefully i will be able to wear it when we are on holiday in Norway in late july.Iknow it's kinda sad being so happy with a piece of knitting, but this will in fact be my fist piece of clothing that i have knitted using a pattern..except the shawl i made earlier. i am not thinking about socks either...but a cardigan or top or something to wear...that's why i just can't wait to put it on:)

well. i guess i need to get on with the knitting if that is going to happen..but no knitting just now..i need to have my cup of coffee first and then continuing doing housework and maybe read a bit for catriona dn perhaps sing a few songs with her before nursery this afternoon.

might just finish up that fishblanket too soon...hmmm must do it -maybe tomorrow..have a nice day everyone!

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