Thursday, 26 June 2008

school scarf

good morning everyone, and thank you so much for all you birthdaywishes. so far it has been a good day:)
my lovely daughter has modeled for the scarf i finished last night, and now she is making birthdaycards for me:) such a cutie!

oh, and just now my granny phoned me to with me happy birthday!

well well, anyway, last night i managed to finally finish this scarf, it's for my friend and it's kind of a christmaspresent...well, she has decided she doesn't want to celebrate christmas so she will get it as a 3 wedding anniversary present a few days before christmas(her hubby will get a scarf too).
i call it a school scarf,as someone from hobbyboden were talking about the scarves they made at school and explained how they did it.

Some ladies at the glasgow knit and stitch might recognise it as "the tube"...yes it did look like a really weird thing to knit....but i love the finished result...and it took me a whole hour to unravel the stitches(i dropped every second stitch).
i want to make one of these for myself as well...i have fallen in love with it!!!

but first...finish the cardigan...! will see you tomorrow or saturday Nan!!

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