Sunday, 22 June 2008


so i found this cotton that i hadn't used yet...i got it from the swap at the tramway earlier this year(glasgow knit'n stitch i think it might have been Fiona that wanted rid of this...this hat was done in two evenings and i will try to sew a couple of flowers on aventually:) i really like it and i am sure we'll use it lots this summer....!
i need more wool to finish the back of my crossover cardigan, and i have to wait until tomorrow as my shop is closed on a sunday.there are promises of going to the park today i a m sure i will be busy.
i can always continue on my "ever so boring scarf" tonight anyway:) oh i also have my crocheted tablecloth too!
well, off to have the morning coffee...can't be without it..besided hubby is up soon and he'd want the laptop anyway..see you next week or so!
summerlove from me

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