Sunday, 6 July 2008

twirly scarf 2

hello everyone and good morning! i hope you have had a good weekend so far, me i have been good indeed. as you can see i have finished the secong twirly scarf. this one is for mother-in-law, for her birthday in November and i think this is something she might well like.

This everyone, is the lovely present that Nan and David at my lys gave me for my birthday .
i still haven't decided what to use it for..but i am sure something good will come out of it! maybe a wisp? i did want to make one for myself...i am not sure, anyone with a good idea?
About my crossover cardigan, it's not much to do now...i am almost finished with the first sleeve, and have done half of the lace insert of the secon sleeve. this lace pattern is rather when i get fed up i knit my Marius genser. I have actually finishied nearly half of the body part..and i am still not fed up with knit, purl, knit, purl, knit, far so good!
actually, it feels great to knit something and not be fed up with it. next week i will finish my crossover and then you can all see the picture:)
but for now, have a lovely week


  1. Nydelig Kidsilk Haze, pittelitt misunnelig der ja:) Heldige du som får bursdagsgave fra garnbutikken din!

  2. Nice knitting products all the way through your blog! And the cute little model adds the little extra touch of course!

  3. Cute little girl! Takk for besøk på bloggen min! Hvor sør i Norge er du fra? Jeg er fra Egersund?


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