Monday, 14 July 2008


Good morning everyone, how are you all doing? i have had a good morning with a cup of coffee and trying to get a decent photo of my finished crossover cardigan...BUT my arms just aren't long enough so you'll just see a bit of it.
You can get the idea of what it looks like anyway!
i am really happy with it, and it really keeps me warm:)
i have had a really grea weekend...first we did lots of gardening, and it felt soooo good to have a lawn again..and not tall grass!!
my arms were hmmm, well not allright after that, but i did manage to get quite a bit of knitting done on saturday eve:)
sunday it was Tramway to have a chat with the ladies. we were quite a few, and it was nice to meet several new people there..! unfortunetely i won't be abe to meet up with them until august..when we come home from our holiday in Norway.
another...12 days to go. i have already started packing some things. and today is the big tidy-up what on earth am i doing blogging?
before i go, i have to mention my new projecs. first it's the Marius and i'm almost up to the pattern border. i's almost as if i can't wait for the cold winter just so i can use it.
i do want some summer first anyway!
have a great knitting and crocheting week everyone!!


  1. Fin jakke. Den så deilig ut. Håper du får en koselig ferie hjemme i Norge

  2. Kjempeflott jakke!!!!God sommerferie:)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Hei på deg. Jakken din ser kjempeflott ut. (misunnelig) Hvordan går det ellers? Vi har akkurat flyttet. Ikke helt ferdig ennå med å tømme det gamle huset, men det kommer seg sakte men sikkert.
    Eller går det også riktig vei, om enn ganske sakte. Lurer du på hva jeg snakker om????? Et lite hint: Knitquilter på Ravelry. Har ikke fått vært der inne så ofte i det siste. Tiden har liksom forsvunnet med pakking, kasting og flytting.

    Håper du får en strålende ferie i Norge.

  5. oh dear..this looks bad...kath had left two comments, and i deleted one..but it looks as if she has writen something bad..but tha was NOT the case!!


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