Thursday, 30 December 2010

Last of 2010

 Already is December nearly finished, and I have been really busy knitting. No time for uploading pictures at all:)

But here are some pics of stuff I have made during the last 6 weeks this year.

 A pale blue twirly swirl scarf, dunno what wool I have used, it was just something I had lying in my so called stash!

 I have also knitted a second Oriental Lily dress, this time it's size 10 years and I have used King Cole Riot.

 The dress is slightly big, but I am sure she'll grow into it.I am really happy with this dress and might wellmake another one next year.

 My latest project finished is my Boucle jacket, I have used Wendy Origin for this jacket. 
I finished the jacket today, so that I could have it finished in the same year I started it. 

The buttons are some that I had lying around. All different colours but same style.

I guess I should have a little summary of 2010:

I knitted and crocheted 

27 things
12 454 meters

And I read:
4 books

That is the  most books I have read in many years, so I am very happy about that!
The last thing I wanted to say is:

Happy New Year 2011

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