Thursday, 17 December 2009

Just another week

Just another week until we'll be in Norway! I can't wait to get going...but first I have loads of lovely pressies to open...Is  is time to show off the calendar gifts again

On  Tuesday I got two bars of soap and a facecloth from Ikea:)
I love the soaps, and they are already in use! The in the wash as we speak!

And yesteday I got all these patterns and a Norwegian Chocolate....I will save the chocolate for the weekend, and then share with Husbonden(hubby) and The Princess.

The patterns are really exciting, and I will probably use the supersimple shawl in January as I tolk a friends I'd make a shawl to warm her up in her house in Eastern Norway.(It will also as a part of this shawlknitting thing..will talk more about that in another post)

I have forgotten to take a photo of today's lovely wool, but it was another skein on Viking Eco-Alpaca, the colour is white, and feels as devine as the grey I got earlier!!

Thank you ever so much, are you sure you didn't go waaaaaay over the 300 NOK???


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