Thursday, 3 December 2009


Here's the pictures of the things I found in My calendar on 2nd and 3rd of December

This is a pincushion, it's so cute. I loved it the first time I saw the ones Vibbedille had made..the plan has been to make one ...but I have never gotten around to do it..too busy with other projects;)
NOW I don't have to make one, because I already have one, yippie!! I love it!
And a little chocolate snowman too, he will be saved for Thursday evening , after Weight Watchers;)

Today i found two sachets of nescafe Vanilla, I have never tried the vanilla before, so when I came home after taking the princess to school, and delivering books at the libarary(have had the books only 2 months..!)..I took the bus home, you avoid the cold wind and was really nice to come home and have a cup of vanilla coffee, I really enjoyed that thank you Vibbedille/Gro Vibeke!!

Can't wait for tomorrow!!!

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