Thursday, 17 December 2009


A couple of Christmas pressies are finished

First, a hat for my cousin, he's ehhh.... 25 almost 26 I think...!
I hae used double King Cole Mirage and 4mm circular needle. 
Second, a peir of fingerless gloves for my lovely sister-in-law!
She works at a nursery, and it's handy to have your fingertips peeking out. Hope she likes the colour:)

I have used Wendy Happy Sockyarn, It's so soft!
and needles 2.50mm

And that means, they took ages to do! But nice result!

Third, a scarf for the Princess' friend Sopihe. This is the 22.5 degrees scarf that I found on Ravelry, and i really love the result, so I am cuttently making on efor the Princess herself.

I am using Gold dk 100% courtelle, and that results in a scarf without itch...and pretty much perfect for any little one with those tendencies. I myself used to hate wool because of this..but now..I have definetly changed!
Oh , I also used 4mm needles for this.

The scalloped edge, which really makes the whole scarf!

And sideways, why not?

Now over to the exciting thing happening next year...I think i'll be making crocheted squares and knitting shawls most of the year.
First....I am making lots of squares to swap with people in Norway..a bit scary, as I am not keen on Royal Mail these days. What if nothing gets to ti's destination?

Next...I have joind a group on Ravelry, and I am supposed to knit 10 shawls in 2010...I really want to do that, as I really just love shawls. You wouldn't  think so, as I haven't made tha many of them...but I love them!
Can't wait to get started. I guess I am already planning what to do..and I'll be starting with MMario's MMystery that starts on Jan 1st. I hope to keep up with them all.

Do you have any great idea of shawls I can knit? Or maybe I should ask, I have probablt 30 shawls that I would like to do, if not more..! LOL
Have a good day everyone:)

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