Sunday, 6 December 2009


I can't believe it's Sunday already, and it seems I have have three Calendar pressies to show off today.

On Friday ~I got this lovely wool from Viking, it's called Eddagarn, it's pink and feels so lovely and soft, I have only used Froeyagarn before, so this will be very exciting! Must show this wool to Nan at my lys:)

Now, this was very welcome in my house....and these marzipan chcolates dissapeared shortly after this picture was taken. AND the tasted devine!
Thank you so much!!!

This morning I opened up the pressie, and inside was another ball of Eddagarn, and today it's a lovely shade of green. Now the question is...what to make ? I already have a sunning plan..but need to finish another couple of hats first...!
You know these Christmas presents that oughta be finished by the 24th..!

Tomorrow is another day, and I can't wait to open the next pressie...kind of looks like chocolate..well see if i'm right.


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