Thursday, 12 March 2009

bubo bubo

I have alot to show you today it seems like, but i think this will be my last posting atleast for today.

This is the hat of the month, bubo bubo by tittei....yikes,..i don't have a link right now...but as you can fits my daughter and not i will make another one..i have actually started;) because i do like this pattern

It's a while since Christmas, but i got this lovely wool as a present from Denmark, and i have made this's quite some time since i finished it, but i took a photo just a few days ago. yup, things take time sometimes.

i guess i need to warn you...i will be veeeery busy knitting and crocheting this month..and especially next month...i have entered a "finish you project " competition...with lots of different teams that work together competing againg other teams. i have of course joined the Southern Norway team. and we are called Team Skagerak!

April , here i come!

anyway, thank's for coming, i hope you enjoyed my pics, come back soon and let me know you were her!

hugs from


  1. Det er så artig å surfe rundt å se de forskjellige uglene, det er vel ingen som er helt like, alle er forskjellige alt etter garnvalg. Din var kjempefin :)

  2. Fant bloggen din tilfeldig og ble sittende å se her lenge. Du verden så mye flott du strikker :-) Uglene var helskjønne og gjorde seg i det garnet. Lilla mohairnøstene er jeg spent på hva du skal lage ut av.


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