Thursday, 12 March 2009

craft fair

this weekend i went to the craft fair at the SECC in Glasgow. i was lucky and got cheap tickets from the nursery teacher:) yaay.
it was a really good day, and i bought some wool..i don't have photos of the wool just yet but i "stole" or borrowed these pics from Nan from the lunch we had at the fair..Stitching time Blethers and some Glasgow knit n stitch ladies...oh and daughters too:)

Nan and Karen Princess and me

Liz, Sally and Sally's girl

Alice and Flora

just another picture:) hope to see you all soon

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  1. Herlig de to med parykk da:-D hehe, har sett de der og ikke giddet tenke på å strikke men nå ble jeg faktisk nesten inspirert;-D


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