Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Tomorrow is the big day, the Referendum! Will Scotland be a country of it's own or continue to be a part of the United Kingdom?

I have no say , no vote as a Norwegian but I know which side I am leaning towards. I am going to  make my husband vote, and he has the same opinion as me.

I have no cool pictures to show, (no working camera, phone or such) but yesterday I saw a YES girl campaigning and then later on a saw a hoard of No campaigners going door to door.

It is truly an exciting time here in Scotland, and he thing is..if we stay in UK, will there ever be a change for the better?
And how scary is the thought of going at it alone?

If it weren't for the fact I am NORWEGIAN I would definetly be SCOTTISH!!

Good luck Scotland, hope for the best!!

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