Thursday, 2 January 2014

Happy 2014

Good evening and Happy New Year 2014.

I promise to update more often, and keep this blog alive throughout the year.

I have many New years resolutions, this is one of them.
Another one is to get closer to my goal regarding my health.
Some other ones are reading 12 books, writing more letters and knit myself a traditional Norwegian cardigan, also known as a Kofte!

We celebrated Christmas and New year in Norway and had a great time. But as always, it's nice to come home to your own stuff  and coffee....

Happy new year then, I'll give you a little sparkle and this is all I daughters new shoes.
Enjoy 2014 my lovelies!! :)

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  1. Det er bra med mål for det nye året! :) Nå som jeg vet du har blogg, skal jeg prøve å titte innom jevnlig også!


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