Friday, 17 January 2014

A sneaky look

Hey ho, weekend again ! Not that I'll be doing anything special this weekend other than trying to get nearer the finishing of this Hverdagsjakka. I have done alot of knitting, BUT with all these different colours I am afraid that sewing all those loose ends might take me forever to do. 

Nevertheless, I love the look of this jacket and evenwith it being knitted with pure acrylics...I think I'll be using it alot when spring comes a little closer. Not that we have hada cold winter might still come. 

So here's a little sneaky look at some of the colours in my jacket..I am in louuuuv! 

Off to do some more knitting and planning my next project. Have a lovely weekend lovelies and I'll be back with my weekend adventures next week!

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