Monday, 9 February 2009

wham bam

Hello there, it's been a while! how have you al been? i have missed my blogupdates, especially because i finished this wham bam thank you lamb a while ago. i just never got around to upload the photos from my camera(correction, my hubby's camera that is)
i didn't realise that the first picture was so blurred, but the colour is correct, so i can't get myself to remove it. I have been pretty busy getting a cold you see, but now i am feeling alot better. i have some other photos to show you in a few days ...i really need to find the febryuary neckwarmer as's finished, but i have put it somewhere safe..and i can't remember where..! of maybe it's the "husnisse" that took it???
it's snow once again her, so i am going to enjoy one hour of tv watching and coffee drinking..before i need to go out again!
have a good day everyone!! xxx

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  1. Artig å se alle disse Wham Bam'ene rundt omkring. De får så forskjellig uttrykk. Likte godt fargen på din. Ha en fin uke.


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