Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Springtime Swirl

After really focusing on finishing this shawl, I am finally done. The knitted bind off edge took me 13 days to finish, and I absolutely love this shawl.

Here she is: lovely and adorable I just love the design, and the fact that I have had this as a tv knit. I think the pattern is really easy to memorise, or I have become so familiar with lace that it's no problem. (i'll go for the first answer).
I really like the look, and the colour is really me too

I pinned the shawl during the day and while I was away to my dancersise class last night my daughter (5) had removed all the pins that i used to block the shawl, and she said "it was dry mamma"...BUT it was not, so not as blocked as I would like..but not too bad either.

It was a bit windy today:) and the sun shone for the shawl(10 minutes later..it was raining.

Yarn: Wendy Mode DK
needles; 3.5 mm
Satisfaction: very satisfied indeed!!


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