Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Project STOP !

I have been utterly inspired...yes, I have been inspired before...but I am once again !
What is the danger of trying out something new?

In my eyes it can only be a good thing. I have three projects ongoing...and I will start tomorrow...August 3rd. 
Project 1. Lose the weight
Project 2. 12 months without sweeties
Project 3. Shop-stop

I can explain what these things mean...! 
The first one basically means that I am going to lose the 30 kilos I am overweight. This is all.

The second part is what I have mentioned before, sometime last year...No bought sweeties..if I want anything I will have to make or bake.

The third one is also very important..I am not going to buy anything that I don't need. If I want something I am allowed to buy wool and material for making myself stuff...but no..buy-throw...will change it to simplicity! 

I have more than enough stuff in my house, there is no need for more things. I am also of course allowed to get clothes and shoes for my daughter, and also shoes for myself, I walk alot and wear my shoes out in one year. 

BUT, this is a great project..and I will live with fruit and tea. Will also do my best to live a healthy natural life, and cut down on coffee consumption. 

I might even blog more often! Hurrah!

Wish me luck..!
Start ; 3. August 2011
Finish. 2. august. 2012


  1. LYKKE TIL!!!
    Jeg skal heie på deg! :D

    Kanskje - hvis jeg blir fryktelig inspirert, så kanskje jeg følger litt etter... i alle fall på shoppingfronten... :P

  2. Go for it girl! We are all behind you.
    I maybe will get inspired soon , just now I am too run down and have so much on the go.
    For me it will be September time - count down now!


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