Friday, 5 August 2011


Well, so far....I went to Glasgow..and you'd think it was for shopping but no...justto do something different with my daughter. YES , I did buy something..but all can be explained...
1. keyrings, for the OslOve heart I have made, so it can come with me if I use the bag or the the rucksack
2. inkpad, or whatever it is I can use my embossing powder on my letters and envelopes
3. Schoolshoes for my daugher, her previous ones were accidentally dropped in the sea while wading toghtether with Lisemors kids and husband. It was also nice to meet Lisemor for the first time! Hopefully nt thelast, and my Princess LOVED playing with their three kids.

Anyway, new shoes were needed!
I also had an icecoffe..but NO sweets and I saw some fabric..well...fleece..and I am going to sew a fleece dress for myself this autumn! *YAY*

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