Monday, 12 May 2008


hello everyone, i hope you all have had a nice weekend. we have been busy with our new aquarium and trying to keep the last goldfish alive during this cycling of the filter. and talking about fish...

i have been knitting fish for Catriona's fishblanket, and now i have only 15 left until i am finished. i am hoping that in another week or so i will start to sew on a few things on it...i do have a plan and i am sure it will end up pretty cool.

i will not be back here until i have finished it, i am not knitting anything else right now..everything is waiting until i am done.
when i am done, my first project will be to knit a pair of socks and then a summertop for myself. i will also finish the scarf for merethe.

by the time i have come that far i am sure we'll be in the middle of july and we'll hopefully go to Norway for a holiday:) can't wait.

oh i forgot to mention that next Saturday we'll be in Edingburgh to take part in the celebration on 17th of May, the norwegian constitutional day! now THAT i can't wait for. our car is at the garage to get fixed so i hope we'll have it back by then!

now have a good week eveyone and i hope you have some good weather!

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  1. Håper dere hadde en fin 17.mai. Det må være ekstra spesielt å feire utenfor Norge. Har en utfordring til deg i bloggen min


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