Saturday, 23 May 2009

Hermione's hat

Hi everyone, I am back again. Just because I haven't updated lately doesn't mean I am not knitting. Just the opposite actually. This is Hermione's hat that I finsihed some days ago.It took me a few weeks to make it, but that is because I was really busy knitting another project , so I only did a couple of rounds here and there. I am certain it would have taken me only a day or two if I focused on it:)

I do like this colour..Mixtures Cranberry -Life by Stylecraft. I think it will be a good colour for cold Scottish Autumn weather. I still need the summer to arrive before i want to start using it though!

I am also knitting a shawl in the same colour, it could be nice to wear matching hat and shawl once in a while don't you think?

Now, how do I decide what knitting to bring on holiday? We will be spending two weeks in my hometown in Southern Norway also known as Sørlandet, and I have no clue what to bring..!Better make a decition before next Thursday anyway since that's the day we are going! Wish me luck:)

Thank you very much for coming, and let me know you were here will you?
Love Linn

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  1. Flott farge på lua di. Den likte jeg:-)judes


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