Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Wip Wrestling

Oh, I have not forgotten....This month I am fighting WIP' the first thing on my list was the Spring forward socks...and yes...they are finished..! I started them in January, and they have been the thing I have been knitting when I was not at home...I was a Weight Watchers, Rosebuds and danceschool.
Very happy with the result, they are so comfortable, and I will probably make another pair of these socks. The wool was Elle sockwool
Needles .2.5 mm

Next project finishing are the easter chicks....they will be given away on Sunday April 18th. 
I have only one more chick to knit, and then I need to get the beak and eyes on and some stuffing..then the pics will be on! 

Hopefullt in the weekend:)

Linn xxx

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