Friday, 8 October 2010

Staff hat

I was inspired by the norwegain/scandinavian forum Hobbyboden
to knit this hat known as The Staffhat.
It's really easy to make
Here you can see the start of the knitted band
I chose Rowan Soft lux, as you can see it has a golden thread  running through it
Result on sofa: I like it alot

Result on head: I love it, and it's really soft, so soft that even my daughter wants to wear it!!

I might make another few of these closer to Christmas;)
But for now, I will try to finish my jumper in the New Lanark wool that i bought some years ago at the SECC in Glasgow!

Enjoy your weekend everybody


  1. Wery nice hat! I've been thinking of making this for my girl - I think teenage-girls will love it :)

  2. Denne luen var utrolig fin altså:)


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