Wednesday, 19 October 2011


So I joined another along...a whenever I finish a ball of wool I will put some oney away in a piggy bank. I will show you my moneybanks when I get started, it's due to start tomorrow but no worried..still a while to go before I can put any pound coins in there..

I just I'd let you all know about the new cool project..I am already putting a pound away every week I lose weight, so why not with wool I use?

Well, better go do some stuff now, c u later!

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  1. Spennende med slikt! :D Det var ingen dum ide heller! Hvor mye putter du på sparebøssa hver gang du har brukt opp noe garn?

    Må kanskje heller spørre på FB for å få kjapt svar... :P


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