Thursday, 25 August 2016

My Diet Change

I have already mentioned my diet change, and I'll do a little recap of my story so far...

I have been a little overweight...even before I was pregnant 12 years ago..I weighed about 74-76 kilos..about maybe 10 kilos over the recommended BMI. But , you know what..I looked fine, I didn't actually look that much overweight and my belly was flat (so I hadn't had a kid by then, does that matter at all, lol?)

Anyway..I moved to Scotland, my in laws always ordered an Indian meal every Friday (I was not used to that), the food was different and slowly the weight crept at a max weight of 87...

I joined Weight Watchers. I went to meetings for years, first I lost, came all the way down to 76 kilos (yay) in a year!! Then I found it difficult to follow over a longer period, I was hungry, cheated with the foods..or maybe just didn't track all I ate and drank and always went over my allowance.

One year ago this summer, I stopped going to weekly meetings, had been going for maybe 6-7 years..and I found it hard to follow more than two weeks..! my grandmothers funeral in Jan .2015...I weighed : 95 kilos.
Almost scary to write the number.

I had looked into Paleo  eating, and tried to follow that, and I had lost weight with it, a few kilos in a month, very satisfied with that. And through Paleo, I found LCHF, I don't remember how I found it, but I had read the letters LCHF before, but didn't know what is was...I read about it on Mirka's blog.

So I started reading, and finally it all made sense to me. It's FAT, we need to eat fat, not sugar and carbohydrates.
It's so easy , so simple...and yet so hard to understand.

I am not going to try to talk anyone into eating LowCarbHealthy(High)Fat, anyone that is interested in reading and learning about it..this is the place for you!!

I have been eating LCHF since June, only a couple of months..well, ok three months. I have been on holiday, had weekend guests over..and still I have lost weight.

I started on 92 kilos in the last week of May, and today I weigh 85 kilos.

So I admit I have had a stall the last month, but I am eating good stuff and I am not very hungry. I eat when I feel hungry and that's it.

I have lose weight there are a couple of important factors for ME:

These are:

  • Drink enough water
  • Get enough sleep
  • Do not eat too much protein
  • Make sure I eat enough fat
I will keep you posted on my progress, not sure if anyone is interested, but I post for my own benefit, so I myself can see my progress. And of course, maybe I can inspire others too.

Husband is by the way also doing this, because he had high glucose in his blood when he tested with teststrips in January or February. He was shocked and looked into how he could lower the glucose. That is how HE entered the world of LCHF. I found it through wanting to lose weight,and not find it difficult to tie my shoelaces anymore..

So there you secret is out.


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  1. Good to hear that it works for you. I'm making very slow progress with my 'eat less, eat more healthy & get more exercise' plan. It's hard, but it's pretty much the only thing that works for me. I find it annoying to stick to 'plans', diets, etc., etc. I drink less wine than I used to - that sounds like I'm an alcoholic, but what I mean is that I used to drink 3-4 glasses a week, and now it's more like 1 glass a week - that makes a difference, too. At the end of the day, we all have to find our own method. Good luck - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you'll make further progress!


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