Saturday, 24 December 2016

More books

Merry Christmas to you all! 

I hope you have not been too busy, and can manage to enjoy a little of December. I have been busy, but I have managed to also relax and enjoy life a little. 

Well, that is a slight lie...
I have ha terrible muscle spasms in my back and now after about 3 weeks they are getting better.But the result of not being able to do much is that i have been reading alot. 

1. The Julian Chapter
A continuation of the book wonder that I read earlier this year. This is the story told from Julian's side, and I did have to bring out the tissues for the end of the book. 
I loved this book. Even if it is a childrens book.

2. Me Before You
I have wanted to read this since I saw Jojo Moyes on tv earlier this year, and finally I got around to do so. I really loved this book, and it was so easy to read, so I finished it in only four days. I had to keep the hankies ready for the end of this book as well. Now I really want to read the next book, calle After You. 

3. Maskerade
This is a Terry Pratchett discworld novel, and it's about the Witches and I do lovereading about the witches. Perdita gave me a couple of life ideas actually, lol. Was really fun and easy ro read.

Maybe is it just my brain that has finally managed to get back into writing mode again after years of not practising the art of reading. 
I have so many books on my " To read" list, and I have been to so many charity shops and come out with several book the last couple of months. I am building up my library again.

At the moment I am reading Feet of Clay, another discworld novel. I do love Terry Pratchett books. 

Now, on with next year..I have ready 18 books to far in 2016, that is 6 more than I challenged myself to read. So I am pretty happy with that result. 

New goal for 2017...20 books. 
Wish me luck. 

Continue having a wonderful Christmas everyone, and have a sparkling new year 2017! 

Hugs, Linn

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