Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Another day

Another day has started, I have spent my time watching declutter videos on YouTube, to get inspired, and it has worked. I have spent the last week decluttering, and it feels good.

My house is far from empty, and I don't want it to be empty either, just a little less stuff around. I have also started up with my own project Pan, Natasha V has explained it perfectly.

When I was an Avon representative, I ended up buying so much make up and so many nailpolishes, and I still have way too many. So I will focus on using up. I don't buy much makeup anyway..guess that is because I have so much, lol.

Anyway, base and top coat for my nailpolishes, and primer and mascara for my eyes is pretty much the only things I buy, because I only have one of each.

So, before I start doing any more decluttering and tidying up, I am going to finish my coffee. Have a lovely day.


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